Selling your study notes couldn’t be easier. Start by creating an account on the seller portal platform. It’s a custom built solution we have made that allows you to take complete and full control of all your notes, uploads and sales data.

We offer all our sellers 70% of the sale price* and as a seller you’d be able to view this sales data in real time on the seller portal. When a sale is made, the data is sent to PayPal and using their API function we take that data and display it to you. It allows for full transparency as you will always know what you have made on a sale-by-sale basis is 100% accurate and cannot be tampered with!

Once you’ve made your account you can simply start to upload your files organised by module. The simple form on the seller portal makes submission really easy and your notes will remain in a secure off server location, which means that it cannot be stolen/hacked.

Once uploaded, you’ll need to wait 24 hours while we review your notes. You’ll receive an automated email with a status update.

Our Top Tips For Uploading

  1. Make sure you upload original work that you have made yourself. We will reject anything that is copyrighted, stolen or publicly available, so your own notes is what’s best!
  2. Handwritten or typed? Often we get questions asking us if handwritten notes are allow. The answer is absolutely! Just make sure you have scanned the handwritten notes well and that it is really easy and clear to read. Legibility is one of the key factors we consider when reviewing and accepting study notes.
  3. We prefer PDF documents as that is the standard format we deliver all purchases in, however if you only have Word docs, or even Powerpoint slides, that’s absolutely fine, we can convert them for you. We will not accept .pages or any other Apple Works suite extension as converting them is very difficult for us.
  4.  If you have a lot of files and want to organise them by folders, we would recommend you to upload them to Dropbox or Google Drive. There is a field on the upload form that allows you to paste the URL.

If you want your notes removed from our platform it’s really easy: just fill out our copyright report form and we’ll fulfil your request within 7 days.

To update, amend or change your product listing once it is live, send us an email at [email protected]

Sign up now and create your seller account.

*see our FAQs for more information!