Creating quality revision material can be difficult and especially when it’s for a niche subject that not many people study, which is often the case for a specific module at a specific university. We’ve tried to summarise the best practices from what we’ve learnt with students for whom selling notes via our site has become their primary source of income whilst studying at university.

  1. Take diligent notes throughout the year.
  2. Always take time to proof read and check what you’ve written.
  3. Full sentences are always better than one worded bullet points!
    • After a lecture or seminar, go over your notes and volumise them to make sure coherency and understanding are maintained.
  4. Diagrams speak a thousand words – but be sure to try and explain them as well!
    • A little text explaining a diagram is always better and helps you to remember them when you come to look at them again in 6 months time.
  5. Plan your note taking and do it at the same time every week.
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask others for help and speak to your peers for advice!
  7. Go to your lecturer’s office hours, or one-to-one sessions where you can get help and broaden your knowledge.

And always ask yourself: would you pay to revise from these notes? If the answer is YES then you’ve made an excellent set of notes that will help you when it comes to exam season AND they’ll be sure to sell extremely well!

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