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LL202 Revision Summary


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LL202 contains concise notes for several topics of Commercial Contracts. This student achieved grade: 70 (First). Contains  44 pages and over 24,000 words .

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LL202 contains concise notes for several topics of Commercial Contracts. This student achieved grade: 70 (First). Contains 44 pages and over 24,000 words.

About LL202:

LL202 Commercial Contracts comprises a study of the general principles of English law governing commercial contracts. Its examination of this subject-matter divides into two parts. Part 1, Fundamentals of Commercial Contracting examines several important aspects of, or themes in, the laws regulation of commercial contracting. The topics are chosen because of their intrinsic interest, and because of the opportunity offered for an advanced contextualised examination of contract law fundamentals. Part 1 therefore explores the process of commercial contracting; long-term relationships; multi-party transactions; agreed remedies; and alternative dispute resolution. Part 2, Fundamentals of Commercial Law examines core topics in commercial law. It begins by examining the sale of goods contract, before proceeding to examine several important allied topics: money, payment and payment methods; credit, security and reservation of title; agency; and assignment.

Topics are likely to include: 

1. Aspects of commercial contracting:

  • Freedom of contract and its restrictions
  • Agreed remedies
  • Interpretation of contracts
  • Pre-contractual duties and good faith
  • Privity of contract; multi-party transactions
  • Problems arising out of long-term contracts
  • Arbitration and international contracting

2. Aspects of commercial law:

  • Credit and security
  • Agency
  • Assignment
  • Banking law: money, payment and payment methods

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